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Ali Arkady | The Theatricality Of The Scene

The photographs of Iraqi artist/photographer Ali Arkady dramatizes the theatricality of the scene, telling the story of a generation of people in war-torn Iraq. Through his uncanny knack for capturing people’s expressions at just the right time, in what’s known as ‘the decisive moment’ in photography, they also reflect the collective feelings of whole segments of society within the country as a whole.

‘Day Laborer’ Series

These photographs document the day laborers that gather every morning in Sulaimaniyah to look for day jobs that pay a pittance and offer no rights or have any job security. Which is common in many cities around the world.  However the people in the community are actually grateful that they do this work, as they are the ones re-building Iraq, even if they don’t feel it all the time.

A Day Laborer in Sulaimaniyah, Iraq (2011) Ali Arkady
A Day Laborer in Sulaimaniyah, Iraq (2011) Ali Arkady

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