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Aristide Antonas | Towards A Landscape Language Of Remains

Aristide Antonas is a Greek architect that creates ‘speculative’ architectural proposals that comment and critique on social issues surrounding Greece and our contemporary existential meaning. Another way of looking at it, is that he is actually an artist that uses architecture as a means to express his views on society and life, in particular the Greek society of late.

Weak Monument Square (2013) Aristide Antonas
Weak Monument Square (2013) Aristide Antonas

“But we could form landscape languages of remains and see how we can live next to them.”¬†Aristide Antonas

Weak Monument Square (2013) was a design competition entry to create a ‘city square’ or an urban park in the middle of Athens by clearing out several blocks of buildings and surrounding it with scaffolding and fabric; an urban monument by demolition. Its idea was borne from economic collapse; with rows of empty shops on the streets in Athens, Antonas proposed to demolish it all and turn the land into an park.

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