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Candice Breitz | The Formation Of Identities

The films of South African artist Candice Breitz deal with the personal¬†existential and relational issues of modern day men and women, and seen collectively offers a glimpse into her own life. Using ‘isolated’ scenes of Hollywood movies, scenes that have the protagonist isolated and the background blacked out, she projects several of these simultaneously to create a ‘symphony’ and a conversation between these characters, creating a story in the process.

Him (2008) Candice Breitz
Him (2008) Candice Breitz

By using household-name Hollywood movie actors and actresses, Breitz is also exploring another premise, our tendency to project the lives of these characters, played by famous actors, into our own and the formation of identities in the process. That by imagining ourselves as those actors, we are living in a media induced hyperreality.

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