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Eduardo Navarro | The Ontological Aspect Of Objects

‘Incomprehensible’, ‘obscure’ and ‘arcane’ are some of the preliminary observations¬†in mainstream magazine articles describing the sculpture installations and performances of Argentinian artist Eduardo Navarro. I don’t blame them. Horsing around in horse and turtle costumes, like a high school comedy-sketch-gone-wild, these costume performances might seem like a bit too much for the uninitiated.

Horses Don't Lie (2013)
Horses Don’t Lie (2013)

However the superficial absurdity belies the serious issues confronting the predominant ontological view of our existence in the contemporary world. In Horses Don’t Lie (2013)¬†performers were dressed in horse-like outfits with a wood frame on their backs that resembled the skeleton of a horse and told to ‘think like a horse’ by meditating while walking. This was based on the work of animal behavioral scientist, Dr. Temple Grandin who discovered that animals think in images, and not in verbal language, as does autism patients, like herself.

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