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Gareth Nyandoro | An Idealistic Knight

What happens if one lives or grows up in a town that has no art supplies store? Does one forget about being an artist? For Gareth Nyandoro, that meant using whatever scrap, found materials he can to make sculptures and other crafts, coming from an arts and crafts family in rural Zimbabwe, and is reflected in his earlier sculptural pieces.

Single Legged Angel2006
Single Legged Angel (2006)
Miss Mrs (2006) Gareth Nyandoro
Miss Mrs (2006)
Rude Puppet (2007) Gareth Nyandoro
Rude Puppet (2007)
Don Quixote (2006) Gareth Nyandoro
Don Quixote (2006)

Of note from this period of time is Don Quixote (2006), a reference to the story of someone who, after reading lots of chivalric romance novels, got the idea that he too could become a knight and go around comically, delusionally undoing wrongs and ‘save the world’. The novel caused quite a rift among intellectuals in that while most agreed that Don Quixote was delusional, an insane character rendered useless by common reality, some thought his idealist nobility was worth commending. The question is: why did Nyandoro choose this theme? Does he see himself as a knight, riding out to ‘save the world’ or as an idealist operating out of foolishness in a world that’s too practical to care?

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