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Jordi Colomer | The Fictionalization Of The Real

Spanish artist Jordi Colomer creates video installations with actors in ‘situations’, using crudely made cardboard props or stage sets leaving the viewer without a doubt that the scenes are in fact unreal, to cast the reality of the subject matter in a fictionalized light.

These subjects revolve around the idea of creating situations between people, architecture and place that in turn explores the underlying notions of fiction and reality; the fictionalization of the real. The situations are staged to happen at a certain place and guided, but are largely unscripted.

In Anarchitekton (2004) a man runs around a building in a random pattern, holding a 3D model of the building he is running around on a pole. The ‘film’ is shot using stop-motion photography, with such a long lag time between each picture that it appears more like a slide show.

Anarchitekton (2004)
Anarchitekton (2004)

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