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Jose Yaque | Continuous Flow And Perpetual Change

Cuban artist Jose Yaque seems to have an obsession with openings and things that come out of (or go into) them. These mechanical or biological openings and the things that grow out from them, flowing continuously and sprouting upwards, twisting and twirling, perpetually changing in convoluted revolutions, strangely occurs over and over again in his works. What might be the meaning behind these?

Tumba Abierta /Open Tomb (2009) Jose Yaque
Tumba Abierta /Open Tomb (2009) Jose Yaque

A common thread linking these works seems to be nature, in its various forms. In Tumba Abierta (2009) which means ‘open tomb’ beer bottles that are each filled with water and all sorts of plant life fill a standing shelf. That these plants are submerged in water and put in a closed bottle is reminiscent of the preservation of biological organisms in formaldehyde. But why beer bottles?

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