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Kader Attia | Cultural Reappropriation And Repair

The sculptures of French Algerian artist Kader Attia depict an alternative view of the most mainstream iconographic scenes. Often using materials previously held unthinkable, these provide a commentary and critique on various societal notions, challenging the way certain things or groups of people are viewed.

Ghost (2007) Kader Attia
Ghost (2007) Kader Attia

His research has led him to consider how much of traditional Algerian culture has been re-interpreted and used by western ‘cultural leaders’, world famous artists and architects of the modern era, without much acknowledgement of it. In response, he has conceived of the concept of ‘reappropriation’, a ‘re-reinterpretation’ of the traditional forms of Algerian culture in a new way so as to highlight a issue as well as bring about a new Algerian identity.

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