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Mark Manders: Liberty Has Fallen ( Part 2 of 3)

“Well it started when I was 18, in 1986. I wanted to write a book. With all the writing materials I had, like ballpoints, pencils and erasers, I made a floor plan on the floor. It was a flat building with nine rooms. I called it Inhabited for a Survey and it served as the basis for a written self-portrait, which was to be formed collectively by seven imaginary persons living in the floor plan. It was to be a book without a beginning or an end, one that I would always have to keep working on.” Mark Manders

Visitors to the Venice Biennale 2013 may have been disappointed when they walked into the Dutch Pavillion to see Mark Manders work; while sheared female heads are ‘acceptable’, clay dogs lying on the floor, maybe, but what to make of these scrap pieces of wood lying around? That’s the last straw for some. Murmurs could be heard in the background:

“What the ….”

“I didn’t come all the way to Italy just to see that..”

“Don’t touch it..”

“What a nice exhibition, I think we need a tea break.”

“Get me the hell out of here.”

Inhabited for a Survey (1986) Mark Manders
Inhabited for a Survey (1986) Mark Manders

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