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Michal Helfman | Change

Israeli artist Michal Helfman’s sculptures and films take everyday materials and situations that are common in her part of the world, to alter viewers’ perceptions with it, challenging certain preconceived notions in the process, such as relational-dependence, legality and illegality, nature and culture, illusion and reality.

In the exhibition Change (2013) a 3-dimensional pyramid sculpture, as seen in a US dollar bill, is seen behind a see-through cracked glass shaped metal slat partition, with a neon ‘Change’ sign on top of it and with a wall sized old photo of people passing through Mount Sinai, as refugees in the background. The word ‘change’ placed here, leads one to think of its ambiguous meaning; for ‘change’ can mean to exchange money, or to seek political or personal change in one’s life (by leaving a place for a better one) or even ‘spare change’ in the form of coins.

Change (2013)
Change (2013)

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