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Mikelis Fisers | Mythological Alternate Reality

The carved wood block carvings of Latvian artist Mikelis Fisers shows a dystopian world, taken over by aliens or enlarged insects and other creatures, who have subjugated humans as their slaves, guinea pigs or servants.

Easily misunderstood and written off as childish, ludicrous or deviant on first impressions, but on a closer, more ‘esoteric’ inspection, one might see it as a mix of ancient tribal and comic art. The size of these prints, at 8″x10″, and the way it’s sort of ‘hidden’ within a recess in a column during the exhibition, also lends to this sub-culture feeling. But it is also a vernacular art; all the aliens, mermaids and dinosaurs, are the vernacular of the artist’s mind and are mixed together to create a mythological alternate reality.

The following content maybe inappropriate for children – parental discretion is advised.

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