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RCR Arquitectes | 2017 Pritzker Prize Laureates

With the announcement of the 2017 Pritzker Prize laureates, the Spanish architecture studio RCR Arquitectes has found themselves suddenly being propelled to international fame. One might be wondering, who are these people and what did do to receive such an honour? While I don’t usually write about architecture here, I thought perhaps this is a bit different and deserves a mention as it delves into the sublime.

The Building That Isn’t There

La Lira Theatre (2011) RCR Arquitectes
La Lira Theatre (2011) RCR Arquitectes

Located at the site of the demolished La Lira Theatre where the Ter and El Fraser rivers meet in the small town of Ripoll, Catalonia, Spain is a building that redefines what it means to have a facade. Left with a gaping hole in the urban fabric after the removal of the old theatre building, the architects decided to celebrate this by framing the outlines of where it once stood with corten steel panels. The choice of using dark coloured steel is also, in a way, in remembrance of the black box theatre that once stood here.

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