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Sun Yuan And Peng Yu | Provocative Gestures

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu are Beijing artists that uses provocative, sometimes absurd materials and arrangements to illustrate some human behavior or relational structures that might seem logical on one level, but absurd on another.

Civilization Pillar (2001) which was based on the shape of totem poles found in ancient civilizations, was made from real human fat recovered from liposuction cosmetic procedures, which might cause one to wonder why such a title would be deemed appropriate. Are we defined more by the excess fat in our bodies from over-consumption, than our other achievements, in technology for example? Does glutony, greed or good image define us more than anything else?

Civilization Pillar (2001)
Civilization Pillar (2001)












In Dogs Which Cannot Touch Each Other (2003) the most ferocious breed of dogs are held on a leash and placed on treadmills facing each other, producing what must have been quite a racket.

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