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Post-Truth Alternative Facts

Recollection (2011) Pierre Huyghe
Recollection (2011) Pierre Huyghe

As readers of my blog, you all should know there has been a proliferation of, what’s been described as ‘falsehoods’ or ‘alternative facts’ on the internet these days. I think its a polite way of saying they are actually lies. In short you can’t believe everything you read on some website, but everyone knows that.

The funny thing about human beings is that we’re prone to believing lies and in fact we love it, some of us more than others. We love being lied to. Truth is hard, cold and unfriendly. Lies are soft, warm and fuzzy, makes us feel safe, secure and righteous in our conspiracy to blame others for our discontentment.

As opposed to alternative facts, every fact that I have written here, has been gained from what the artist themselves have said in published interviews or from other main stream contemporary art magazine articles. The opinions derived are based from these and other legitimate sources, like institutional websites, all the books I’ve read etc.. Sometimes its derived from looking at a picture and plain logic. If you disagree, then you disagree, but I don’t think anyone has ever had an issue with this.